'Charlie Bear' arrives at Port City for a cause

'Charlie Bear' arrives at Port City for a cause

'Charlie Bear' arrives at Port City for a cause

As a team of four bikers lead by Steve Bangera from Goa carrying ‘Charlie Bear’ arrived at coastal city on Sunday, Mangalorean bike riders from different biking clubs extended a rousing welcome to the teddy bear that has been travelling globally since a year.

An idea that took shape in the minds of two riders from the World Wide Relay Riders in the USA to travel around the world for a cause, resulted in using a teddy bear which was named ‘Charlie Bear’ as a baton for their mission. As the mission gained support for the social cause of reaching to the deprived children attached to it, the ‘Charlie’ Bear’ began taking rounds across the globe.

Having travelled to various countries, ‘Charlie Bear’ entered India, the 23rd country to host the cause. It began its journey in India in March from Assam, then moved to Delhi, Chandigarh, Pune, Goa and now to Mangalore.

Around 30 riders belonging to different clubs including Bullet clubs, Jawa and Yezdi clubs, RevLimiterz, Pulsar 200NS NakesWolves, Team Zero Gravity, Super Souls and the Dark Viperz met at Kadri Park at 12 noon and then the team proceeded to Bharat Mall, where the Goan team handed over the ‘Charlie Bear’ to Mangalorean team to pass it on to Calicut riders. A team of 10 relay riders led by Worldwide Co-ordinator Shawn Fernandez will leave from Mangalore to Calicut on Monday morning.

Speaking to Deccan Herald, Mangalore Co-ordinator Srinath said that the objective behind the relay ride is not just to connect the bike riders, but also to offer charity. “Donation raised in each city is offered to the deprived children. In City, the team has selected Samvedana, a unit of Cardts that works for HIV/AIDS infected children.

Donation will be used for providing education and materials like books and bags to deprived children. We have also planned to start a charity box to invite more number of people donate for the cause,” he said. On asked about the experience of motor cycle rally, he said that it was ‘a test of endurance.’ The relay demands a lot of time and effort and it is nice to see the public support, he said.

The Bear enjoyed a ride in Mangalore city and Panambur beach on Sunday evening. ‘Charlie Bear’ will be heading to Calicut, Kochi, Ooty and the relay will conclude in Hyderabad.