Weather instruments at airport develop snag

Weather instruments at airport develop snag

Weather instruments at airport develop snag

The weather instruments installed at Kempegowda International Airport (KIA) have developed a glitch.

Officials of the Indian Meteorological Department stumbled upon the snag while conducting a routine check-up of the instruments last month.

The officials noticed errors in the readings obtained from the weather instruments. Now, the IMD has decided to rope in a team of experts from Pune to diagnose the error and fix it.

The department conducts routine checks of all instruments every six months. This time, during inspection, the officials found shortcomings in weather readings. Though the IMD officials call it a routine maintenance activity, it has caught the attention because of the location - KIA Met Park.
Officials point out that there have been cases in the past when instruments have recorded faulty readings and have been replaced. But this is the first time that such a thing has happened at the KIA.

The IMD officials found that there were fluctuations in weather readings, the maximum and minimum temperatures varied by over a degree Celsius. Also variations in the wind speed were noticed.

When the readings recorded by the Current Weather Observatory were compared with the normal standard instruments (every instrument has a spare pair of standard instrument, which is used when the instrument develops a snag), the officials detected the fault.

The matter was then discussed with the IMD head office in New Delhi and it was decided that a team from Pune will visit the site at the earliest.

IMD (Bangalore) director B Puttanna told Deccan Herald, “They are not sending any instruments to Pune, but officials from there would be coming here. We found that the temperature readings at the East end and the West end of the runway did not match.

The readings are important because they are sent to the ATC and based on this information, the take-off and landing of flights are scheduled. It becomes even more important as it’s an international airport. So far, there have been no untoward instances because of fault in the instruments.”

This was a minor issue and was a part of the routine task which will be rectified soon. The cost of checking and rectifying the instruments will be borne by the Central government, he added.