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Cantonment is a misnomer

Bangalore is not a cantonment. In accordance with the treaty agreement, also known as the Instrument of Transfer of 1881, between the Maharaja of Mysore and the British Government, the area commonly known at that time as “Civil and military Station” was transferred to the administrative jurisdiction of the then British Government for use of the British civil and military establishments.

Consequent to the restoration of the civil and military station Bangalore to the State of Karnataka (earlier Mysore) in the year 1948, it came under the jurisdiction of the State of Karnataka.

The Government of India, Ministry of Defence, on April 12 1956, ruled that the area which was occupied by British troops and continued to remain in the occupation of the Indian Army on commencement of the Constitution would be known as the ‘Assigned Tract.’ The same has been incorporated Article 295 (i) of the Constitution.

Originally Bangalore City and Bangalore Military Station were separate with independent municipalities. On restoration both municipalities were merged and Bangalore City Municipal Corporation was formed in 1949. R Subbanna was elected as the first nominated mayor.

The first municipal election was held in December 1950 and R Anantharaman was elected as mayor. The Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagar Palike came into existence in 2007.