Riding on cloud nine

Riding on cloud nine

Riding on cloud nine

The reality is yet to sink in for the beaming toppers of the SSLC exams. While they are on the threshold of a bright future, they spill their secrets of success to Metrolife even as their families speak of the hours of dedication and preparation that these students invested.

Abhighna G, Anughna G
VVS Sardar Patel High School
621, 620

The twins studied together and as luck would have it, they scored almost the same marks. Their parents were elated when they found out that both their daughters were in the list of toppers. The twins give credit to their parents and teachers for their success and feel that they would not have scored well without their support.

“Our teachers helped us a lot and guided us at every step and that is the reason why we were able to excel,” reason Abhighna G and Anughna G. 

Their mother Veena says that she feels blessed. “They are extremely hard-working and studied together. I feel blessed that both my children have done so well,” says a proud Veena.

Abhilash RG
MES Kishore Kendra

Abhilash, an avid fan of cricket, managed to score a whopping 621 out of 625. He sure did study
but didn’t miss out on catching cricket matches on television. “I would pay a lot of
attention in school, come home and revise the lessons all over again. My parents are very
happy. I was a bit anxious about my results and started watching television even while waiting
for the results but I was on top of the world after I got it,” says Abhilash.

His mother K Vasumathi says that she knew he would perform well. “Ours is a joint family and everyone in the family helped him out whenever he needed any kind of assistance in his studies,” she says.

Sindhu Badarish
Sri Vidya Mandir Education Society

Sindhu’s mother Radha says that she has been a meritorious student right through and the only thing they asked her to do was to study consistently throughout the year.

   “She did not study much, during the school hours as she was tired after school. She started studying seriously in December during the preparatory exams and did well in them,” says Radha.
   Sindhu says that she listened to music and painted — all in an effort to beat stress.

   “I am very excited about the results and glad that my hard work has paid off,” she says.

Dhanya Bharath
Sri Vidya Mandir Education Society

Dhanya says that she began studying only towards the end of March. “I started studying only towards the end, sometime in March,” exclaims Dhanya. Hoping to pursue research in pure science, the young girl enjoys reading, art and is interested in other creative activities. “It was unexpected and came as a pleasant surprise,” she says. Her favourite subjects includes mathematics and science. A Bharath, her proud father says, “I am very happy. I didn’t help her much.” He believes that his daughter could pursue whatever she likes because only then will she be able to enjoy it.

Poorna Prajna Education Centre

Kshama is unable to contain her excitement as she talks about her performance. “It feels great to have done so well. I am happy because I put in a lot of effort and it feels rewarding to see that my marks are so good. The preparatory exams in the school helped me to a great extent. Our principal had made a time table for us and I tried to follow that. I also listened to music and read books and novels to de-stress,” she said. Kshama’s father Shivashankar and mother Krupa are relieved that their daughter has done well.

   “She has always been very studious. We tried to help and support her in whichever way we could. Many a times, she would need help with mathematics and I tried to help her with it,” says Shivashankar.

Poorna Prajna Education Centre

Mythili is thrilled about her marks. Though she was not under any kind of pressure from her parents and teachers, she took it upon herself to do well in SSLC. “My parents did not ask me to study for 12 hours and did not tell me what to do and what not to do. My teachers were very helpful and helped me with the practice papers. I am satisfied with my marks and want to pursue science in my pre-university,” says an excited Mythili. Her mother Sandhya K is proud of her and says that they tried not to interfere too much.

   “We let her study the way she wanted to and she chose the subjects she wanted to study in a day,” she says.

(As told to Treena Mukherjee and Radhika Nataraj)