Keeping track of running apparels

Keeping track of running apparels

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Keeping track of running apparels

Namma Bengaluru’s athletes and fitness freaks made their way to the Koramangala Indoor Stadium recently to be a part of the World 10K Run’s ‘The Get Active Expo’.

    Apart from the expo being a point for the athletes to get their running number bibs and goodie bags, the place featured several big brands that came in to display their equipment for the run. It also had other interesting goodies for non-athletes and running enthusiasts as well. 

  The expo had something in store for everyone. “I’m not participating in the run but I do like running occasionally. So I’d come to check some jogging shoes out,” said Max, a Nike fanatic, who stated that it was his first time at an expo such as this. Somil, an athlete who’s participating in the run for the fifth time, said, “The expo is a good place for serious runners to see new equipment and running apparels, so I’ve come here for some.” 

 The event saw RJ Prince giving in fun and lively updates regarding all the brands and what they had in store for the people. ‘Runners 4 Life’ brought in fun activities for people. “We have free wifi around and have a runner’s quiz going on as well. We’re also offering advice to people who are confused about running as an exercise and how they can start,” put in Mehrash Arslan from the organisation.

Lovelina Amanna, a member of the ‘Get Active’ team, educated people on how to stay fit. “We’re all about making every Indian active and if not running then walking. We have different equipment such as wristbands that are designed to keep track of the activity level of the person and plans out the required level as well,” she said. 

 “It’s our second time at this expo and we love it here! We bought energy drinks, badges and shirts as well,” said Japanese athletes Makiko, Yumi, Shinobu and Mayumi. Vamsi, a student in Global Academy Tech, added, “I see a lot more merchandise around and I’m here to look around a bit more.” 

   Cottonians and first-time runners Shilpa and Daksha said, “We’ve checked out most of the stalls and have bought a lot.”