Rs 9 lakh stolen from scooter's dicky

Rs 9 lakh stolen from scooter's dicky

An unidentified man stole Rs nine lakh from the under-seat dicky of a scooter in Frazer Town on Tuesday by diverting the rider’s attention. He had prodded the victim into going to a nearby garage for mending a punctured tyre.

Mohammad Ataullah, 30, was riding to his workplace—an iron and steel supply company in K R Market—after encashing a cheque for nine lakh at the HDFC Bank on Mosque Road when he noticed that the front tyre was punctured.

He got off the scooter and was removing the tyre when an unidentified man offered help. He told Ataullah that four nails were stuck in the tyre and that he needed to see a mechanic to mend the puncture.

Ataullah saw the point and approached a garage located 10 feet away.

In the meantime, the unidentified man opened the vehicle’s dicky with a steel wire, took out all the cash and fled in no time.

As a stunned Ataullah screamed for help, passersby went after the suspect but he vanished too fast.

Ataullah later made a complaint to the Pulikeshinagar police. He said he had taken the cheque from Syed Imtiaz at the latter’s house in Frazer Town. Imtiaz is a business associate of Ataullah’s boss, Anil. Ataullah had gone to Imtiaz’s house on his boss’ instruction.

He said that after he encashed the cheque, Imtiaz had called him up, asking him to come back to take some documents which were to be given to Anil.

Ataullah said he did so and was riding back when the incident occurred.

Police have booked a case.