Director slapped me: Aindrita

Director slapped me: Aindrita

Director slapped me: Aindrita

The actress raises a hue and cry over payment. An argument ensues. She pushes the director who, in a fit of rage, allegedly slaps her left cheek with all his might causing blood to spill.

Cut! The up-stage story happened this way last Sunday: Glamorous actress Aindrita Ray on Thursday alleged film director Nagathihalli Chandrashekar cuffed her left cheek on the sets of a movie that was being shot in Macau near Hong Kong causing her ears to bleed.
Four days after the alleged incident, Ray appeared before the media saying Chandrashekar would also behave in an objectionable manner outside the movie sets.

“Blood started oozing out of my left ear minutes after Chandrashekhar slapped me on the sets of Nooru Janumakku in Macau on December 6. Even now I am unable to hear properly. Moreover, he would find some pretext or the other to touch me. He would knock on the door of my hotel room during late nights and say he wanted to discuss about the movie. His behaviour with me in Bangalore and abroad has been highly objectionable,” the actress alleged.

Needless to say Chandrashekhar termed Ray’s allegations baseless and fabricated. He even went to the extent of giving it a parochial twist to the scandal, saying that by making allegations against him, Ray had “no respect for Kannadigas” and that “Kannadigas will never forgive her”.

Defending himself, Chandrashekhar said he was “deeply hurt” by Ray’s statements. “I have never behaved in an objectionable way with any heroin so far. Ray troubled all of us by arriving late to the sets. I tolerated her beyond my capacity.”

Chandrashekar’s outburst revealed the intense dislike he has developed for Ray. “She should learn acting before the camera first and not behind the camera,” he said, adding in the same vein that “there is a great actor in her, though she needs to discipline herself”.

According to sources, the last day of shooting was scheduled for 9 am, Hong Kong time. But Ray turned up at 11 am. Chandrashekhar objected to Ray’s late appearance and questioned her. An argument followed between the two as the rest of film crew watched the “on set” drama.