Man fails to rape, kills 2

Man fails to rape, kills 2

Brother-in-law strangles woman, kills her 11-yr-old son

A 32-year-old woman was allegedly strangled by her brother-in-law after she resisted his attempts to rape her at south-east Delhi’s Amar Colony on Tuesday night.

The accused also killed her 11-year-old son as he had witnessed the murder.The accused Deen Singh was arrested on Wednesday morning after police found scratch marks on his body, the source of which he was unable to explain. He revealed that he tried to force himself on his brother’s wife as he was frustrated by his wife leaving for her maternal some days ago.

“Singh would often arrive home drunk and fight with his wife because of which she left him,” said a police officer associated with the probe.

Singh’s wife happens to be the dead woman’s sister. The two brothers ran a dairy store in Kullu Colony of Garhi village and lived with their parents and families in a four-storey building.

On Tuesday night, the victim’s husband went to sleep on the terrace, leaving his wife and two children in their room.

He returned to the room early in the morning and found the three lying on a bed. He tried to wake them up, but only his youngest son woke up.

He soon realized that his wife Nirmala and 11-year-old son Rohit were dead. He informed police after which the bodies were sent for post-mortem.

Police found marks on their necks and faces and soon realized that the duo had been strangled to death. The hand of an insider was suspected as nothing was robbed from the house and the nine-year-old boy was untouched.

During questioning, Singh was found with scratch marks on his body. He soon confessed to police that he had tried to rape the woman, but she resisted his advances, which forced him to strangle her. He had to also kill Rahul as he woke up on hearing the sound of her mom struggling for her life.

Singh has been booked for murder as of now and police said they would add the attempt to rape case later.