At 89, N D Tiwari turns groom, weds old flame

At 89, N D Tiwari turns groom, weds old flame

At 89, N D Tiwari turns groom, weds old flame

Ending decades of controversy over the status of his old flame Ujjwala Sharma, veteran Congress leader Narayan Dutt Tiwari, 89, finally settled the matter once and for all when he married her in the presence of family members from both the sides.

The wedding, a low-key affair, was held at Tiwari’s official residence here on Wednesday evening. Tiwari’s family members said they have accepted her in the family and gave her “pichoda” (a kind of dupatta to cover the head), which is a traditional gift to the new bride. Tiwari was dressed in traditional wedding attire while Ujjwala wore a silk saree during their wedding.

“Tiwariji suddenly told me that he wanted to marry me on Buddh Purnima (Wednesday) as it was an auspicious day. The wedding rituals were performed under the supervision of the family priest,” she said adding that she was happy that their relationship now has social sanctity. “We will throw a grand party once the legal formalities, like registration of the marriage is completed,” she added.

Legal battle

The former chief minister of Uttar Pradesh was involved in a six-year long paternity suit with Ujjwala’s son Rohit Shekhar in which he claimed Tiwari as his biological father. In March, Tiwari publicly accepted Shekhar as his biological son at a press conference.

Ujjwala had recently staged a dharna before Tiwari’s house here demanding that she be allowed in to take care of him.

Ujjwala had alleged that Tiwari’s private secretary was not allowing her to meet Tiwari.
After six hours, she was allowed in by Tiwari. Since then Ujjwala has been living with Tiwari.

The couple were spotted at markets, malls and temples in the past few days.

Tiwari’s personal secretary, Bhawani Dutt Bhatt, had alleged that there was a threat to Tiwari’s life. He had also said he had resigned from his post as he apprehended that he might be implicated in a false case.