Q I am 25 years old and weigh 85 kg. I am 5 ft 10 inches tall.
My problem is that I have
ungainly thighs. Please suggest
exercise to reduce weight on my thighs and buttocks.

A Your weight-to-height ratio falls within the acceptable range, however you appear to have more fat mass than muscle mass. To build muscle you have to focus on resistance training like lifting weights. This is best done under the supervision of a certified trainer, who can provide the right advice on weights and reps to be performed. However, if this approach does not fit your pocket, you could do simple exercises at home like climbing stairs (at a moderate pace, non-stop for half an hour) or doing squats. Sports like football, basketball or tennis could also help you build muscle.  Include fibre and protein-rich foods in your diet. Fibre is present in fruits, vegetables and wholegrains. Protein-rich foods include sprouts, beans, peas, legumes (dal), milk, curd, lean meats, chicken and fish. Avoid packaged foods, bakery items, sweets, savouries and salty food as much as possible. If you follow this advice for 12 months, you are bound to lose some of your fat mass and replace it with precious muscle.

Parul Dube

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