Tickling the funny bone

Tickling the funny bone

Stand-up Comedy

Tickling the funny bone

Known as the married guy of stand-up comedy, Amit Tandon was recently in the City to perform his show ‘Family Tandoncies’.

A Delhi-ite, he comes from a traditional middle class household and has a degree in engineering. Bored of the mundane routine, he introduced himself to the open mic. “I was into dramatics in college but lost touch. Open mic wasn’t very popular then but I heard anyone could do it.” The beginning wasn’t all rainbows and unicorns.

“Initially, I got bombed a lot on stage,” he confesses. It’s been four years and 300 shows since and now he has the audience hollering and in fits of laughter. He’s performed across the country and at Singapore. He’s performed at ‘Fight Comic’ at Singapore, an event where six stand-up comedians fight for the
coveted title ‘Fist of Funny’ through 11 rounds of improvisation and features sets, which he is bringing into India.

He bases his sets on ‘what happens with family’. He takes the audience through the journey of growing up in a middle-class Indian household, the ups and the downs. He is known as one of the best observational comedians in the country. On
being asked why he loves stand-up comedy, he says, “You get an honest response from people. You can ask people to clap or they may clap because it’s over. You can’t ask them to laugh and their laughter is the most honest applause you can
receive. Stand-up comedy is growing big. It is a great source of entertainment and making people laugh is great.”

   “It is also very challenging. You stand on stage with only a mike and no props. It takes a lot of hard work. You have to be prepared to be bombed by the audience. It’s different when you’re funny with friends and funny on stage.”

Albeit the success in this field, he continues to run his HR consulting firm. “My
kids are very proud of me. Seeing my picture in the
paper makes them very happy. When they first watched my show, they loved some sets and made me do it for them when I went home.”

In regard to future plans, he is planning on doing a few pure Punjabi sketches. Also, along with two others, he plans on doing a set called ‘Daddy’s Day Out’, where the three of them give their perspectives on fatherhood.