Tracking the change

Tracking the change

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Tracking the change

Politics always lends itself to drama. In the great tamasha that the Indian politics is, there cannot be a better climax than the election results.

On Friday, people, irrespective of where they were or what they were doing, kept a tab on the counting to understand which way the political fortunes were swinging.

   Each one had his or her own interpretation of the results. Everyone watched the results on television or online. Many kept a track of it through their mobile apps.
Metrolife interacted with a cross-section of Bangaloreans to understand how they followed the results despite a busy schedule.  

Jitesh Pamnani, a techie, reasons that apart from watching the news channels and surfing the websites, he got real-time updates on his Facebook group called ‘Elections 2014’. “One thing that kept me updated in the last few months was our Facebook group. It was started by three or four friends but we soon found more than 3000 people actively following and responding to our comments. It’s a space where we all discuss (not fight), learn and share and not impose our points of view,” reasons Jitesh.  Abida and Arfa, both homeopath practitioners, wouldn’t move away from their television sets.

   “We watched all the proceedings right from start and I didn’t want to miss any action in the political playground. It’s a good change,” says Abida. Arfa has been interacting with her friends and acquaintances through Facebook and WhatsApp Messenger. “One of the first messages that I received this morning was that ‘NaMo’ is everywhere. From then, I’ve been flooded with some interesting observations and comments,” adds Arfa. Rohit Bansal, who works in the service industry, had downloaded the ‘Firstpost’ news app on his cell phone. It helped him get live updates about the results.

   “The outcome of the results will certainly decide our future. I was at work but I had opened every conceivable website reeling live updates and I was tracking the developments simultaneously. I think every Indian was eager about the results,” he
sums up.