I will be mazdoor number one: Modi

I will be mazdoor number one: Modi

I will be mazdoor number one: Modi

Silencing his critics by getting the highest numbers for his party ever, BJP’s prime minister designate Narendra Modi, in his maiden address to the nation after his victory, said he would be “mazdoor number one of the country”. 

Choosing Vadodara, one of the seats from where he contested as the venue for his speech, Modi sent across a strong message of wanting to be a leader with an intent of inclusive growth. He said he was ready to walk even with those who did not vote for him. 

“I want to congratulate the people of Vadodara for voting in large numbers and giving a record margin despite the fact that I could only speak for 50 minutes.’’ He also said that in Varanasi, where he could not speak, people have given their stamp of approval to his silence.

Carving out his vision for the country, Modi continued to raise the pitch of hope and said that the country had decided which party they wanted to move forward with. “For fulfilling the aspirations of 125 crore people of India, I have to take along all the people of the country,’’ said Modi. 

Capitalising on the campaign line of his party, he said beginning from Friday, good days would be here again. “Gujarat has created history by giving all 26 seats to the BJP and this is the first time after Independence that a non-Congress party has been given majority on its own.” He also said there was no “apna” or “paraya” in politics.

Saying that the results might have upset calculations of the political pundits, he reiterated that his mantra for the country’s growth would be development for all, which would not remain an empty slogan. 

Later, in his address in Ahmedabad, while Modi reached out to the local crowd by speaking in Gujarati, he immediately switched to Hindi and said his only agenda in the election was development.

Moreover, he said the youth have voted for progress and looked beyond caste politics that has gripped the country. Modi also said lessons need to be learnt from this election, such as the “days of vote bank politics and caste politics were over”. 

On an emotional note, he said it was the people of Gujarat who were his energy and it was because of six crore Gujaratis that he would now be able to lead a country of 125 crore. Having said that, he added, “Just like a child brought up by his parents can never desert them, similarly I am on my way to Delhi, but would never desert Gujarat.”