Kannada actress accuses director of slapping her

Kannada actress accuses director of slapping her

The up and coming actress in a complaint to Film Chamber and Producers' Association, alleged that the director slapped her without any provocation on her left ear, which left her unable to hear clearly.

Claiming that the incident took place while shooting "Nooru Janmaku Nooraru Janmaku" in Hong Kong on December 6, she alleged that Chandrashekar had behaved indecently with her in the past too.

But rubbishing her charge, Chandrashekar told PTI, "I am the last person to slap anybody. I am the first to respect women. I have always condemned people who misbehave with women.I think she has a hidden agenda. She is twisting the story."
Speaking about the Hong Kong incident, he said that the actress reported late to the sets every day, despite repeated requests to come on time.

"On December 7 we had to shoot the climax and she kept the whole unit waiting by coming three hours late. She also demanded the sum of Rs 1 lakh which had to be paid out of the total signing amount of Rs 10 lakh.

"When I told her I would pay once we got back, she pushed me off the dais. I was about to fall and I pushed her back," he said.

"If it was a slap on her ear which has impaired her hearing, she should have obtained a doctor's certificate. I think she has been instigated. It just her shows her unprofessional attitude," Chandrashekar said.

Expressing anguish over her allegation of indecent behaviour, the director said, "I have a daughter who is her age. She knows my family. I always used to call her Putti (little one)... She must look into her conscience before levelling such allegations".