DC mulls over linking village deaths to voters' list

DC mulls over linking village deaths to voters' list

DC mulls over linking village deaths to voters' list

The move will help automatically delete names of dead from the electoral list, says DC

Deputy Commissioner A B Ibrahim has said that the district administration is mulling over linking village deaths to voters’ list in the district, so that the names of dead persons will be deleted automatically from the electoral list. 

Addressing a press meet here on Saturday, he said that at present the names of dead persons continue to appear in the voters’ list in spite of the Village Accountant having information on the same. “We will have to upgrade the software for it,” he said. 

Meanwhile, while thanking all the staff for helping smooth conduct of elections as well as counting, the  deputy commissioner said that the district administration had collected feedback from the polling officials in the district. Along with feedback on basic facilities, food and lodging facilities, the district administration had also sought feedback on improving the system.

“After compiling the reports, the suggestions will be sent to the State Election Commission, which will help the Election Commission to bring in reforms to the system for the future elections,” he added. 

A majority of the staff have appreciated the basic facilities and have given suggestions for improving, he said and added that there were minimum complaints on loopholes in the voters list. The district administration was cautious while preparing the list and thanked the lower ranking officials including the BLOs for the success of the polling in the district. 

He said that arrangement was made in every polling booth to display the polling figures continuously. At the same time, model polling booths were set up in each constituency to make voters feel at home atmosphere in the booth. With the efforts of the district administration and political parties, and also with the prompt deletion of names of the deceased persons, the district was able to register 77.19 per cent polling which was highest in the State.

With the efforts of the Sveep, even the eunuchs have also exercised their franchise. The applications of eunuchs whose names were not included in the voters list will be processed shortly, he said.   

Live coverage

The district administration had made arrangement for the live coverage of the results through ‘Namma Kudla’ channel. As a result, the poll results were available not only in DK, Udupi but also in Kasargod. 

Explaining the concept, he said that all the counting rooms were provided with internet facility which was connected to LAN. All the data saved in each room was connected to the main server and was displayed on the TV immediately.

As people could watch the results directly sitting at home, hardly a few people were outside the counting centre, to get the glimpse of the results. This also helped in maintaining law and order, traffic congestion and also avoided announcement of results after each round. “I will recommend to the election commission to implement it everywhere,” he said. 

The DC said that the district administration has sent 12,000 SMSes to all the polling staff, to thank them for their support. Additional Deputy Commissioner Sadashiva Prabhu was present.