Sai Baba on importance of repeating God's name

Sai Baba on importance of repeating God's name

What is the best way to pray? The best prayers might be those that come from the heart.

Sri Sathya Sai Baba taught, “The divine name is the panacea for all diseases in the world.” When I first learned this from Swami, it surprised me. During the most difficult times, when talking with God and asking for help, it is nice to know that simply repeating the name will bring results.

“Even the best of doctors cannot save a person, when death calls,” the Puttaparthi Avatar said.  “Everyone has to necessarily respond to the call, whether they are a bride or bridegroom on a ceremonial seat or on a pilgrimage to a holy place. Death brooks no delay, death accepts no excuse. Tears do not move its heart, nor can threats keep it away. So plant the seed of any one of His thousand names that appeals to you, in the well-prepared soil of your heart. Let it sprout in the silence there. Water it with love and service to fellow beings; guard it against pests and cattle, which are the outward dragging emotions and passions. You can do this by erecting the fence of repetition of the divine name and meditation (japa and dhyana). Then, you can reap the harvest of bliss (Anandam).” Early in my spiritual practices, I started to repeat the name of the God of my understanding.  ‘Baba, Baba, Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba.’  Wherever I was—out walking, on a bus, or shopping it was easy to chant the name silently.  It became the rhythm inside of me.  This is still my practice, especially in the garden, or while waiting in long lines.

According to our Beloved Lord, “There is no short cut to the Grace of the Lord; Namasmarana (chanting the name of the Lord) is the safest route.”

When I am agitated or threatened, I have found that by picturing Sai’s face in the face of the person who is upsetting me, that person usually calms right down. As I repeat the name throughout the day, it brings peace, and joy, and courage. Trusting in Swami’s teachings has never failed me. He stressed, “Namasmarana is the best means.  Only, you don’t believe that it can cure you or save you; that is the tragedy.  People believe in the efficacy of only costly, brightly packed, widely published drugs; the simple easily available remedy which is in everybody’s backyard is ignored as useless.

Sometimes we choose to try and jump over hurdles, when by developing sound spiritual practices from the start, we may sail right over them.

Baba said, “Really, if only you have this faith in the Name, you need not struggle to secure the chance to detail to me your desires and wants.  I will fulfill them even without your telling me. Have the Nam bright and clear on your tongue, in your mind; and the form symbolised by it before your eye and mental vision—nothing can harm you.”