Music and dance reviews

Music and dance reviews

Budding artistes shine

It was pleasant to see the stage at the Dr H N Kalakshetra, on Friday evening, as four budding artistes – all below 20 years, presented a Carnatic music concert with great zeal.
Vocalist Bhargavi Venkatram (18) hails from a musicians family and has just completed her PUC examination. She was initiated into music by her father H K Venkatram, mother Triveni Saralaya and aunt Kavitha Saralaya and is continuing her training under none other than T M Krishna, a sought after musician.

 She was well supported by Apurva Krishna (18) on violin, Akshay Anand (16) on mridanga and Amrith Kumar (19) on morching. The Kannada varna ‘Nerenammithi’ gave Bhargavi a bright start. Her overture of Naata for the “Saraseeruhasana Priye” raised hopes of a delectable programme. “Devibrova Samayamide” of Shyama Sastry in the Chintamani raga attracted audiences with its lilting melody. At this point Bhargavi surprised listeners by selecting “Sri Pathe Premamuga” of Veena Seshanna, a lesser known composition.

Though raga Ganamurthe was brief, it was proof of the talent of the vocalist.

“Shobillu Saptaswara” with chitteswara was a quickie. For a detailed elaboration, she chose the Kalyani, the time tested raga. She has a good voice and her presentation was lively. All that is needed is   experience and higher training. Violinist is capable but not aggressive and the “Tani” of mridanga was slightly over stretched but was good.

Narasimha Jayanti

The Bhakthi Bharathy Foundation conducted the “Purandara Utsava” on the occasion of Narasimha Jayanthi at their newly built Purandara Ashrama.

Vocal and instrumental concerts, discourses and felicitation to artistes, apart from religious functions were also held on all the three days. Senior musician Prof Nagamani Srinath received the Sangeetha Saraswathi” title. B K  Chandramouli (percussion) and M K Pranesh (flute) also received honours.

Prof Nagamani Srinath gave an exclusive concert of Haridasa compositions accompanied by Venkatesh Josyer on violin, Anoor Ananthakrishna Sharma on mridanga and Gopi Shravan on morching.

Nagamani Srinath, opened her concert with a devaranama of “Kanakadasaru” but reserved Kalyani for a detailed airing. Inspired by the serene atmosphere of the temple, she gave a colourful picture to the Kalyani raga.
It was followed by another well known devaranama “Dayamado Ranga”. With a matured nerval (Ihapara Gathi Neene), she gave a soulful vocal recital, supported by R Chandrika. She also sang “Roga Harane” (Jagannatha Dasaru) and “Indina Dinave Shubha Dinavu” – evocatively.

Instrumental delight

Two well known instrumentalists Kumaresh and his wife Jayanthi gave a violin and veena duet at the Purandara Ashrama. The opening piece, “Ramaninnu” was in the Mohana raga, while the Kamatch piece was an instrumentalists delight. Raga Sarasangi was the piece-de-resistance of the concert.

With a powerful and striking Naada they tried to explore the different possibilities of the instruments.

Though, it was loud at times, the “thana” on Veena was soulful and delightful in total. Anantha R Krishnan on mridanga and Trichy Krishna on ghata, suited the needs of the occasion.

Mysore V Subramanya

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