ASI launches its Facebook page

ASI launches its Facebook page

The Archaeological Survey Of India has launched a Facebook page to update social media users of its latest projects and event updates.

The page launched over a month ago now has 770 ‘likes’. “Initially there was not much activity on the page.

It was only recently that we have started posting updates regularly,” said Vasant Kumar Swarankar, chief superintending archaeologist.

The Facebook page comes after the ASI had launched an ‘ASI mobile application’ for smartphone users. The application has seen over 660 downloads so far.

The page, which is the brainchild of the Delhi Circle chief, is to encourage dialogue on heritage sites and monuments on the social platform.

“An expert is likely to take over the technicalities of the page so that there is enhanced discussion on Delhi’s heritage. We are handling the page for now. Also, people will start caring more about heritage sites once we make this page more interactive,” said Swarankar.

Every day, event updates and details of the latest projects are being posted on the page.
“We are planning more activities on the page. While news clippings are regularly posted on the page, links of articles related to the ASI will be posted as well to give social media users a comprehensive idea of the heritage sites,” said Swarankar.

Recently, the ASI installed cultural text in Braille at 10 monuments, including Red Fort, Qutub Complex, Humayun’s tomb and Purana Qila, among others.

This post attracted interesting comments from social media users.

Ratish Nanda. a Delhiite wrote that even though an excellent idea, this would mean building a ‘special path’ for the visually challenged so that reach the Braille text easily.

Another Delhiite Fuhar Bali suggested that the ASI can add to this innovative idea by having special tickets, audio guides and assistants for the visually challenged. “This is the kind of discussion we wanted to open through this page,” said Swarankar.