The slap game

The slap game

While allegations fly back and forth, Metrolife sought to get behind the skin of the issue

The slap game

candid Nagathihalli Chandrashekar

The director clarified to Metrolife that, “The entire unit was there to witness the incident. Even after calling her many times, she came to the sets very late and I explained to her rather sternly that she was getting paid for the job so she better report on time. To which she pushed me first and in my defence, I pushed her back. Her allegations, that I slapped her, are baseless.”

Nagathihalli is one among those directors who has given the industry many talented artistes. Most of his films are also women-centric.

“The first value I bring into any movie is to respect women. Those who know me are aware of how well we take care of everyone. Infact, I have never used any foul language against anyone.

I treated her like a small child on the sets,” he says and adds, “Today’s generation lacks discipline and with just one or two hit movies they start to think high of themselves.

I am from a highly disciplined background and timing is everything for me, especially in a foreign locale where a lot of money has been invested.”
“Infact, once I even dropped Ramya out of a project because she came two days late but then she sent an apology and we took her back. In this case, the actress does not even realise she has come late. Her priorities were the casino and shopping,” he says.

Aindrita also alleged that Nagathihalli made sexual advances toward her to which the director laughs saying, “She is half my age. I only used to call her in the night to make sure she was asleep and never strode off to a casino,” he adds.

So after these dramatic turn of events, what next? Nagathihalli has made it very clear that he will not apologise to anyone as it is not at fault.  “If the Chamber calls me I will go and narrate to them the actual story. She is a young girl so I am keeping quiet and will not take any action against her but if she does try to prolong the issue I will have to take some action,” he says.

Incidentally, Aindrita was not even the first choice for the film. Sources within the
industry say that Nagathihalli wanted either Ramya or a fresh face.

But since Ramya refused the project, the producer insisted on Aindrita. Nooru Janmaku revolves around two young entrepreneurs who want to make it in the field of architecture. The film is said to have completed with just some patch work left.