Straight from the heart

Straight from the heart

On the occasion of World Hypertension Day, the Florence Nightingale Award Committee in association Bowring Hospital organised a free blood pressure camp at Metro Rail, MG Road.

The event was inaugurated by former IAS officer Ashwath and Maureen Ojha, principal of Tunbridge High School. Ivan Nigli, a former MLA and chairman of the Anglo Indian Unity Centre, was one of the main organisers of the event. 

Delighted at the response, he said, “In the morning itself, we had more than 200 people coming in.

Out of these, 30 per cent had blood pressure,” he said.

Maureen Ojha was all praises for the camp. Said the president of the Association of Heads of Anglo Indian Schools in India, “It’s good to see so many people coming in. Hypertension is something people should be aware of.”

Susainathan, another organiser of the event, spoke about the strenuous lifestyle of people today.

“Life is not how it was ten years back. Forget eating healthy food, people don’t even have the time to wash vegetables properly. No wonder everyone has blood pressure and other ailments. That’s why many organisations should come forward and create such health awareness camps,” he said.

According to the doctors, hypertension is quite prevalent among people today.

The efforts were lauded even by the State’s Minister for Health and Family Welfare U T Khader.

“This camp is a gift to society. Every individual must involve himself in such causes,” he said. The camp had over 400 people by the end of the day.