Where originality counts

Where originality counts

Where originality counts

Started in 2012, Mumbai-based alternative rock band ‘Unohu’ has seen a growing fan base in the country. Comprising of frontman Sarthak Karkare on vocals and guitars and Yohann Coutinho on bass and Shashwat Karkare on drums, the three-piece entered the independent music scene with a fresh take on alt rock.

Over two years, they’ve stayed clear of covers and focussed on creating a completely original repertoire, which was recently showcased at Hard Rock Café.

The band, whose influences include the likes of progressive rock bands ‘Porcupine Tree’ and ‘Karnivool’, performed an energetic and lively set.

The audience enjoyed original compositions like ‘Seeker’, ‘Caught Between A Rock And Your Face’ and ‘Parachute’ as well as three new tracks that were tried. Almost like an informal launch, all four songs from the band’s upcoming EP titled ‘Asunder’ were also played before its release the coming Thursday.

These included ‘Bending Curves’, ‘The Game’, Jinxed’ and ‘A Billion And One’.

“It was a pretty good gig and we enjoyed ourselves thoroughly. This was our first time performing at Hard Rock and in Bangalore and we’d love to come back. It was quite a large crowd for a Thursday night and the audience responded well to our music. We also tried out a few new songs that we’ve been working on and even those worked out pretty well,” shared Shashwat, the drummer.

While many in the crowd had heard the band before, some were listening to them for the first time. “I was pleasantly surprised at how talented these young boys were.

We are used to more old school rock ‘n roll but it’s refreshing to hear the sounds that are popular these days and the energy of such musicians. I wish them a bright future ahead,” said Joseph, who was at the gig with his wife and friends.

According to Sana, another member of the audience, the band put on an entertaining show. “Not all their songs worked for me but they seem like a cool bunch of guys who really have fun doing what they’re doing.”