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Bearys of Mangalore

The origin of the Beary community goes back to the time when many rich traders from the Malabar and Canara coast, the Beary hinterland, traded with the Arabs over the Arabian Sea.

Arab merchants have been visiting these coastal regions for business, even before the time of Prophet Muhammad. The word beary has derived from the tulu word byara, which means trade or business.

The Beary is a community concentrated mostly along coastal South Kanara and Udupi districts in Southern Karnataka and Northern most parts of Kerala.

They hold an important place among the other coastal Muslim communities.

The Bearys incorporate the local tulu culture of old South Kanara and diverse traditions of the Moplahs of the Malabar.

They are among the earliest Muslim inhabitants of the western coast of India. This is also attested in the writings of Ibn Batuta, the Moroccan traveller who passed through India in 1342.

The Beary language called Beary bhashe is a language of mixed idioms, phonology and grammar of both Tulu and Malayalam. It is considered a dialect since Kannada alphabets are used in writing.

The Bearys produced rich literary work using both Beary bhashe and Kannada language.
The beauty of the amalgamation of different communities in history is very unique.