'Tulu has potential to get classical status'

'Tulu has potential to get classical status'

'Tulu has potential to get classical status'

Kambala buffalloes ‘getting ready’ to take part in the second day of Vishwa Tulu Sammelana in Ujire on Friday. DH photo

The demand came from veteran scholar and the editor of a voluminous Tulu lexicon Dr U P Upadhyaya during the second day of the mega event.

Delivering a talk on “the present status of Tulu language” at the first session of the convention on Friday, he said Tulu has all potentials of attaining the classical status, hence it should be granted the same. However, Dr Upadhyaya said though there has been a lot of works in the Tulu literary history, much efforts need to be done in the field of Tulu grammar and linguistics. “There is a need to bring out a comprehensive Tulu grammar,” he stressed.

Showing his solidarity with the demand that the Tulu should be included in the VIII Schedule of the Indian Constitution, he said the scholars have done much towards the purpose, and now, the responsibility lies on the politicians.

“When many languages of the north-eastern India, which do not have the background and significance of Tulu, have figured out in the Constitution, Tulu with a history of over 2,500 years is unable to attain that status. It is only due to lack of political will,” the scholar observed.

Tulu in administration

Visiting faculty at the University of Wurzburg in Germany Prof B A Vivek Rai said efforts need to be done towards introducing Tulu language in administration at least in the Tulu-speaking region.

“Apart from this, Tulu should also be brought to courts and other government establishments. Judges should be convinced to pass their orders in Tulu language, and at the same time, the language should be taught in schools too,” Rai observed. Tulu language and literature should be popularized through blogs and websites. When Tulu reaches the entire globe as per the requirement of the changing time, it becomes a ‘vishwa bhashe’ (world language) in the true sense, he added. “Of the 28 Dravidian languages, Tulu is the most ancient one. Its history is magnanimous. The only problem is that Tulu has fewer authorities to confirm this aloud,” he said.

St Aloysius College lecturer Dr Ganesh Amin Sankamar spoke on the glory and beauty of Tulu language.

Tulu into German

Rai also said he has plans to translate a few Tulu works into German language in the days to come.

‘Rampani bale’ for WWW

‘Rampani Bale’ is the term Prof B A Vivek proposed as an alternative for ‘internet’. He said ‘rampani bale’ is the most appropriate term that can efficiently represent the concept of ‘world wide web’ (WWW). Rampani Bale is the net fishermen used to use in large scale fishing with a united and coordinated effort.