Delightful covers and originals

Delightful covers and originals

Positive life

Hyderabad-based alternative/grunge band ‘Audio League’ performed at the courtyard of Phoenix MarketCity recently.

Comprising of Kshem on guitars and vocals, Oswin on guitars, Pradhan on bass and Joshua Nadigotla on drums, it aims to promote a positive life, love and social issues through their music. Formerly known as ‘History Makers’, the band decided to change its name to emphasise their ideology of making music not to compete but for the sheer love of it. 

The band is influenced by the likes of ‘Foo Fighters’, ‘Soundgarden’ and ‘Alice in Chains’ and their passion for music and this genre specifically comes through in their sound. At the gig, the band performed a mixed set of originals and covers, including ‘My Hero’, ‘Alive’, Gel’, ‘Vaseline’, ‘Believer’, ‘Not Coming Back To You’ and ‘Times Like These’ among others. 

   About the performance, the drummer said that the band had made a set-list of close to 20 songs, which had to be cut short because of the weather. “But it was still a great experience to play there. The ambience was really nice and though the rain tried to play hide and seek, we managed to play a good set,” said Joshua.