'Running is serious business'

'Running is serious business'

World champion

'Running is serious business'

For real sportsmen, nothing but the goal matters. They are all about being the winner among winners and that’s exactly the spirit that drove Geoffrey Kipsang Kamworor, the recently crowned world half-marathon champion, to win the TCS Bangalore World 10K Run once again after his 2012 victory. 

   Recalling his first memory of running, he says that he didn’t start running early in his childhood as most people assume. “I was in high school and my games teacher inspired me by telling me that I could run. So I took his advice and started running. I had to train for five months before I started participating in international events,” he tells Metrolife. 

   Geoffrey admits that his main goal for his life and career was to win the world title and only after he did could he sleep a happy, proud man. Does he remember that fateful day in Copenhagen in March? Geoffrey innocently answers, “Yes, it was a Saturday”. 

Asked what’s on his mind when he runs, he replies, “There are no thoughts but a good feeling in general. 

I really enjoy running with people from other countries and it’s a way of connecting. I’m always thinking about winning and am happy because when you’re with strong people, you want to feel strong. When you’re with champions, you want to be a champion!”

But being a world-class runner certainly doesn’t come without a price. 

“Running is serious business and I only concentrate on it. I stay mentally motivated because I want to be a champion and that desire inspires me. In terms of nutrition, I eat normal Kenyan food and there’s no real restriction. But I make sure to train properly twice a day in the morning and evening. 

I meet my family only over the weekends but I don’t miss that because running is my world,” he shares. 

However, he also admits to enjoying fame, including the 2012 documentary made about his life titled ‘The Unknown Runner’. 

Returning to Bangalore has been a good decision for the 21-year-old and he’s enjoying his stay here despite the warm spell. “It feels great to be here again and I’m glad that I was invited this year too. Since I came here in 2012, I knew that it’s a good place and how warm and welcoming people are,” he says.

Does he have any advice for young, up-and-coming runners? “Everything is possible provided you believe in yourself and work hard,” he sums up.