Various assns flay government move to suspend CWC

Various assns flay government move to suspend CWC

Addressing a press meet here on Friday, Ahinda President Lolaksha said “in the last two years, CWC has tried to provide justice to more than 500 children who have undergone various ordeals in the district. As per Juvenile Justice Act, CWC is a quasy judiciary and are a bench of Magistrates.

Women and Child Welfare department do not have any right to sack the CWC. The alleged forcibly snatching of five judiciary files in enquiry from the custody of Child Welfare Committee by the officials of Women and Child Welfare clearly shows that even department officials are involved with those who are into illegal activities.”

He said “the government which once awarded the same CWC with Best CWC award in the State has now involved in sacking it, when it realised that some of the cases related to CWC will harm the government.”

Lolaksha urged the government to withdraw the suspension order of CWC immediately. “If the Women and Child Welfare officials are honest, then they should be ready to undergo narco analysis test. As FIR is being filed against three officials for entering the premise of judiciary sitting of CWC at Observation Home, without any intimation and forcibly snatching of judiciary files in enquiry from the custody of CWC, the police must arrest the officials immediately instead of attempting to give B report to the case.”

“The cases related to five missing files should be handed over to CBI to probe impartially. Even the in-charge officer who informed CWC regarding the missing files have also been suspended. The government should reinstate the officer,” he added.

Offical suspended

Observation Home Superintendent Venkappa has been placed under suspension on the grounds of dereliction of duty, informed a press release from Deputy Director, Women and Child Welfare department.