Indo-Lanka swim meet to bolster sporting ties

Indo-Lanka swim meet to bolster sporting ties

The State and the Emerald Isles have shared a great relationship in the past, with teams travelling back and forth to match wits in different disciplines. There was a lull due to various reasons but ties have been revived since and the Swim Life meet will add to the growing list of sporting contests between Sri Lanka and Karnataka.

A 51-member Lankan schools contingent — 21 boys, 19 girls, 11 officials — flew into Bangalore on Thursday night for the two-day meet which will be held concurrently with the second leg of the Swim Life triple meet.

“The Sri Lankan Schools Swimming Association (SLSCA) got in touch with us in June for an event here but there was the LTTE problem,” former National swimmer and Swim Life founder Satish Kumar said.

“In August, there was swine flu. Finally, we called them in November and told them about the triple meet. They decided they would join us. It’s an honour to have them here.”
Over 450 non-medallist swimmers will be part of the triple meet out of which 40 will participate in the Indo-Lanka meet. Prajwal MS, Kshipra Mahajan, Prasapti Kumar and Aditya Roshan will be some of the leading Indian names at the meet.

Competitions will be conducted in four categories — Group 1A (those born in 1991-92), Group 1 (93-94), Group 2 (95-96) and Group 3 (97-98).

Secretary of the SLSCA Chinta said: “This is our first time here and the conditions are very different. The selected swimmers are some of the best in our country and I’m sure it makes for a good competition. We look to do exceedingly well.”