Mango, jackfruit fair tomorrow

Mango, jackfruit fair tomorrow

Mango, jackfruit fair tomorrow

A mango and jackfruit fair will be held in Lalbagh from May 23 to June 15.  The fair is organised by the Horticulture Department in association with the Karnataka State Mango Development and Marketing Federation, the University of Agriculture Sciences and the Indian institute for Horticultural Research and the Hopcoms.

It will see three new local hybrid varieties of  jackfruit on display, according to the University of Agricultural Sciences Assistant Prof Shamalamma S. In all, six varieties of jackfruit will be on display and sale.

The new varieties are Lalbagh Bheema, Tubugere and Janagere, apart from Swarna, Lalbagh Madhura and Mottam Varika varieties. These are grown in Sakrepatna, Ibbidu and Tubugere regions in Karnataka. Farmers from these regions will interact with buyers.

Horticulture Department Additional Director (Fruits) R Jayaprakash said carbide-free mangoes were being sold in markets and melas. The varieties in exhibition include Badami, Malgova, Mallika, Sindura, Benashan, Neelam, Sakreguthi, Dasheri, Chittoor, Bangenapalli and Rasberry.

Mango production has been less this year because of lack of rainfall during January-March and sudden rainfall in the subsequent months.

Last year, the production and supply was 600-800 tonnes.

This year, so far, it is 3.5-4 lakh metric tonnes, against the expected 10-12 lakh metric tonnes. The size has also dropped from 500 gm to 200 gm apiece, and the cost has escalated, he said.

The European Union ban on Alphonso variety had only one  per cent impact on consumption and exports locally.

This is because the maximum export of Alphonso and Ratnagiri Alphonso is 7,000-8,000 metric tonnes to the Gulf countries. People there are more concerned about the fruit size and colour, sources said.