Slapgate: Industry elders call truce between the two

Slapgate: Industry elders call truce between the two

Nagathihalli, Aindrita Ray apologise for their behaviour

“The director apologised for slapping the actress in a fit of rage and the latter also regretted her move to go public over the issue. The matter was resolved by the industry elders,” Jayamala, president, Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce (KFCC), told Deccan Herald. She added that the issued had cropped up because of “some misunderstanding and the lack of trust between the two”.

The meeting convened by the KFCC was attended by actor and president of Artistes' Association, Ambarish, producer Rockline Venkatesh, director S K Bhagwan and producer Sa Ra Govindu. Nagathihalli Chandrashekhar conceded his mistake and promised to conduct himself “more responsibly” in the future. He, however, denied the actress’ allegations of behaving with her in an objectionable manner. He asserted that he never touched her or went to her room at night.

The actress, on her part, regretted her decision to approach the media with the issue. Both decided “to patch up in the interest of the film industry”. The actress’ remaining remuneration of Rs 5 lakh for Nagathihalli’s film would be paid shortly and shooting will resume in a couple of days.

Earlier in the evening, the Bengali actress received support from various organisations that staged a protest in front of the KFCC demanding a public apology for what they termed as his “manhandling”.