All for self expression

All for self expression

Minimalism has entered the jewellery industry with a scale-down in the sizes and a focus on quality. It is all about expressing your individualism through jewellery, observes Shehzad Zaveri.

Less is more. Even the brides of today are going in for a minimalist look, with just one stunning neckpiece or lavish chandelier earrings. The idea is to bring out your unique personality through the little trinkets. Not just on the big day, but every single day. The compliments that follow must be for the one adorning the jewels, not the attention-hogging jewellery. 
With a shift in ethnic influences, economic constraints and macro-market influences, the trend is clearly moving towards minimalistic designs. 

Minimalism has entered the jewellery industry with a scale-down in the sizes and a focus on quality. This trend is observed in high-quality diamonds (with a focus on cut and clarity), and high-quality rare gemstones. That way, it is the gem that stands out, rather than a complicated design that might not stand-out.

A bangle or a finger ring is no longer used as a mere aesthetic element. People these days want to express their individualism and demand jewellery that promotes such self-expression. Naturally, there is an evident increase in demand for individualistic jewellery, coupled with price-consciousness. And that has gotten jewellery designers turning to little-known gems for both - unusual colour effects and affordability.

Bollywood and Hollywood celebrities bear a great influence on the jewellery trends. Remember Aishwarya Rai Bachchan at Cannes? The fashion police may pull her up for not shedding the maternity fat pronto, but nobody can flaut her for the sheer elegance she radiates with her classy jewellery choices - never too loud, seldom boring, always beautiful. Same holds true for Angelina Jolie. All she needs is a slender bracelet or a pair of earrings, along with that famous smile, and she is ready to grace the Red Carpet.

When celebrities sport jewellery made of rare and unusual gemstones, jewellers are under pressure to find similar alternatives for the masses. Resultantly, there is a rise in the use of rare and unusual gemstones. 

Multi-coloured gemstones do not offer the same enormous intrinsic value as the rarest diamonds, sapphires, rubies and emeralds, but their allure is in the price and design potential. 

The jewellers can now move away from emerald green, which has been a staple for rather long. Now is the time for the soft, subtle tones of greys, jade green and a startling hint of Chinese lacquer red, in keeping with the minimalist trend. Radiant orchid has been chosen as the colour for 2014, and it is certainly hot in jewellery. It belongs to the purple family and denotes innovation and originality. 

Finger rings

Finger rings can now be worn at different places on the finger, including the area near knuckles! 

n Multi-finger rings are in. These are basically multiple finger rings connected together by an ornate chain or string of sorts. Be it for a simple casual outing or a cocktail event, you are sure to find suitable multi-finger rings. 

n Midi-rings, which are small in size and designed to be worn above the knuckles, are totally hot! These look especially sexy when you keep other accessories minimal and sip on a cocktail.

n Brass knuckle rings, which spread across two or more fingers when worn on a single finger, make a bold statement. These are best suited with jeans outfits as they are block-like and casual looking.


Necklaces don’t just adorn the necks anymore.

n Try a two-sided necklace. You can wear the same necklace, to different events, with different shades and designs on each side.
 n Double a simple chain and wear it as a bracelet. This trick comes in handy when you are unable to find a suitable bracelet or bangle.
(The writer is the  creative director, Minawala)