Tackling allergic cold with home remedies

Tackling allergic cold with home remedies

Amongst the many allergies, the one which affects the nasal cavity is the most common. This is called ‘allergic rhinitis’, that results in cold-like symptoms, besides profuse sneezing.

This problem troubles many people. It is brought about by common allergens like dust, pollens, smoke and pet hair. 

Mosquitoes, flies, and other such pests, too, could be the allergens. It would not have been a matter of concern, if the sneezing occurs once or twice. But if your day begins with a minimum of 10 sneezes, you need help! Because the effect of a tablet, which is usually taken to address this problem, lasts for just 24 hours; then the sneeze account reopens. 

Home remedies

n Mix three grams of liquorice (Jestha Madhu) with warm water and consume thrice a day.

n Make a paste of turmeric and ground curry leaves, and consume two tablespoons of the mixture every morning.

n Gargle mouth three-four times a day with warm water, which contains dissolved alum.

n Apply coconut oil inside the nostrils before stepping out of home. That should contain the allergens and will help you clean up once you’re back home.

n Boil water with tulsi, neem and turmeric, and inhale the vapour.

n Have dinner two hours before hitting the sack.

n Avoid cold water bath.

n Stay clear of dusty libraries, pets and carpets.
n Practise pranayama and jalaneti (yogic nasal cleansing) regularly.
(The writer is an ayurvedic consultant)