First climate draft ready, India fumes

First climate draft ready, India fumes

Onus on developed nations to take mitigation steps

First climate draft ready, India fumes

Produced after tough negotiations spanning four days, the draft says that parties should cooperate in achieving the global and national emissions as soon as possible.
It recognises that the “time-frame of peaking” will be longer in developing countries and “bearing in mind that social and economic development and poverty eradication are the first and over-riding priorities of developing parties. It also stresses on low emission development, saying it is “indispensable to sustainable development”.

Expressing unhappiness, an Indian delegation member said the draft was not a negotiated one. “It has been hastily written. There are technical issues which need to be clarified,” he said, adding the most concerning part of the draft is the “provision on peaking”.


The text also puts forward three proposals for reduction of global emissions by “all parties” - by 50 or 85 or 95 per cent – from 1990 levels by 2050.  It is significant that the text writes 1990 levels as opposed to 2005 levels, which has been the basis for several countries, including the United States.

For “developed countries as a group” it put forward three options –– “should reduce their greenhouse gas emissions by 75-85 or at least 80 to 95 or more than 95 per cent levels by 2050.”  The draft also provides for the establishment of mechanism to record mitigation actions and also states that national communications including greenhouse gas inventories, shall be prepared by developing countries and submitted to the COP every 10 years, which is subject to change.

The draft also says that developing countries can take mitigation actions under Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation in Developing Countries and beyond.

“Developing countries shall undertake nationally appropriate mitigation actions enabled and supported by finance, technology and capacity building provided by developed country parties,” the draft says.

India has been maintaining that it was ready to undertake national mitigation schemes to fight against climate change voluntarily and has been pressing for funding and transfer of technology from developed world in this direction.