The awakening within

The awakening within

Today, the great modern disease of human consciousness is all about looking outward to find means to derive happiness without examining the inner self, the values, attitudes and motives; relying and dep­e­n­ding more on the external signals and hoping for the best.

However, in practicality, life cannot be created with such hopes, as there are no short cuts to achieve happiness.

No individual and no thing can create a permanent state of well-being within us, as it is our prerogative and responsibility. The external factors can contribute, guide and inspire us, but ultimately, our life is what we make out of it. True happiness or lack of it does not come from external things, but from what is inside oneself.

A life that has value and is worthy of living is only possible when there is a reflective examination through which there can be illuminating change. So, to reorientate our consciousness, we would require a consciousness based on self-knowledge i.e., the knowledge of the spiritual self which creates self-respect and a positivity, enabling us to gain a right perspective on life. Accordingly, with positivity, we experience inner strength to cope with external issues affecting the sense of balance in our life. When we are more positive towards self, obviously we would express the same attitude towards others and in all situations.

Inner strength also comes when we interact with others in such a way that love, peace and happiness are honestly expressed and experienced. The pivotal point is "honesty" because there cannot be a sense of fulfilment through falsehood, imitation or duality expressed through attitude. Hence the need of the hour is to live a life based on “Eternal Spiritual Principles” that would allow us to keep a positive attitude towards the self and others, thereby making our life joyful.

Spirituality in essence is knowing how to lead a life, and through this knowing, there is happiness. The first prerequisite for spirituality is a life that functions appropriately and thinks and cares about one’s self in the most decent way. Thinking and caring about one’s self in an inappropriate way creates too much dependence on others, too many needs, demands, possessiveness. So, the right way to proceed is to examine oneself and then acknowledge the positive and the negative traits within us.

By doing so, we get the courage to change whatever needs to be transformed without any kind of fear and without pretence. The basis of successful change for betterment is to understand the attitudes, feelings and motives, which drive us for the change by accepting the original positivity of the self, the immortal goodness of the soul. It is this goodness of the self that forms the foundation of our dignity as human beings.

The expression of this original goodness in our life is what is called ‘divinity’ which makes us truly human. So, let us awaken the expression of the divine within us to live a fulfilling joyful life amidst all chaos and crisis around.