BJP slams 'Transfer Bhagya' scheme

BJP slams 'Transfer Bhagya' scheme

The principal Opposition in  the Legislative Assembly, the BJP, has flayed the Congress regime for relaxing the government employees’ transfer policy norms and allegedly providing their ministers leeway to encourage wholesale corruption.

Leader of the Opposition Jagadish Shettar, in a press statement, has sarcastically said that the government has provided “Transfer Bhagya” scheme for its own ministers.
He stated that the new transfer policy, which has removed the upper cap on transfers, will be detrimental to the morale of the employees and hamper the education of their children who will have to move from place to place.

More than two years

He has criticised the government for bringing down the eligibility criteria of transferring Group B and C employees, from four years to two years, which allegedly contravenes the Supreme Court directions on allowing officials to function for more than two years in the same department.

Shettar has said that the government needs to arrest the ad hoc transfers in departments like Revenue, Transport, Home and Police, which will be encouraged by the new policy. He has appealed to the government to rescind the policy and deal with the transfer policies in a more scientific manner.