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Flash Boys
Michael Lewis

Stand back world of alpha male financial consultants, there is a new player in town. True, since the world’s money is protected not by men at all, but by code.

Code which is rigged as much as anyone could expect, in ways that none of us did.

What happens to the world’s money? This book reveals that those who know are becoming richer by the second.

Penguin, 2014
pp 274,
RS. 599


Ruchi Banerjee

The year is 2173.

Humans are a near-extinct group herded together in protected sectors.

Mira, a regular, self-absorbed, 16-year-old, resident of Sector 51, has no clue how drastically her life is about to change when she accompanies her mother on a research project to a distant tropical jungle.

Hachette, 2014,
pp 218,
Rs. 295


The Vijay Mallya Story
K Giriprakash

The book is an extraordinarily detailed and lively chronicle of the life of one of India’s most celebrated and reviled businessmen, Vijay Mallya.

His remarkable career spans three decades and is spread across multiple industries. The book covers Mallya’s childhood, his relationship with his father and his inherent deal-making abilities.

Penguin, 2014,
pp 205,
Rs. 299


The Uncommon Memories of Zeenat Qureishi
Veena Nagpal

Two young cousins hell-bent on restoring Muslim glory, even if it means importing terror.

An incendiary Hindu religious leader with one mantra: Break-mosques, build-temples.

Zeenat Qureishi has one question — What’s my name? Why can’t you tell me my name?

Traumatised in the aftermath of the London Tube bombing, the phobic 20-year-old comes to India.

Tara, 2014,
pp 478,
Rs. 299


Mirages of the Mind
Mushtaq Ahmed Yousufi

Mirages of the Mind chronicles a milieu that has all but disappeared.

Its narratives portray the hardships, heartbreak and humour of colonial north-Indian Muslim life and its subsequent forms in post-colonial India and Pakistan.

The book’s central character, Basharat, serves the role of a wise fool — equally ridiculous and full of penetrating, bizarre sense.

Random House, 2014,
pp 532,
Rs 499


Right Here Right Now
Nikita Singh

Seventeen-year-old Kalindi wakes up in a hospital with no recollection of how she got there. But that’s not the only thing she doesn’t remember: Her whole memory has been wiped clean.

How? The doctors can only speculate. Kalindi doesn’t know what happened to her and worse, she doesn’t know who she is.

She enters her own life as if for the first time.

Inked, 2014,
pp 225,
Rs. 175


Alice in Corporate Land
Tulika Tripathi

Penguin, 2014,
pp 124,
Rs. 299

A nervous and confused young girl is trying to get a good night’s rest before her first day at work.

Alice’s rabbit leads her on a magical journey where she meets Pinocchio, Rapunzel, Cinderella and the Seven Dwarfs who coach her by imparting important career lessons in their own inimitable style.

Tulika Tripathi has rapidly scaled the corporate ladder to become a leader at a global executive search firm.