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Come, Before Evening Falls: Manjul Bajaj Hachette, 2009, pp 238, Rs 295

Come, Before Evening Falls
Manjul Bajaj
Hachette, 2009, pp 238, Rs 295
Set in the Rohtak Division of the erstwhile Punjab Province in the year 1909 — but as relevant today as a 100 years ago — this book paints a poignant picture of a young Jat girl torn between family loyalty and the undeniable impulse of love.

Venus Crossing
Kalpana Swaminathan
Penguin, 2009, pp 244, Rs 275
This collection of stories capture the instant of transit, that moment when the impossible — the unthinkable — is absorbed into the fabric of life so that life can be lived again. That moment is everything: revelation, challenge, existence. In this, the author crafts 12 stories that lay bare the deepest complexities of human relationships.

On in Four: One Day of Magic and Mayhem on The Golf Course
P Surendra Prasad
Westland, 2009, pp 149, Rs 195
Four sassy septuagenarians, well past the peak of their athletic excellence remain nevertheless in dogged pursuit of the perfect birdie. Set against the Golf Club of Delhi, their story is composed of a series of mishits and miscues, each coloured by absurdly high philosophy, low choleric abuse and tall tales of heroism — their own.

Not exactly Shangri-la
Martin Moir
Rupa & Co, 2009, pp 264, Rs 295
A diffident young British academic and a feisty young woman from India have been invited to Kalapur to advise on the preservation and editing of an important monastic chronicle. At once an adventure story, orientalist romance, psychological study and serious enquiry into different views of the past, the book explores a fictional world that is deeply strange but familiar.

The Prophet of Peace
Maulana Wahiduddin Khan
Penguin, 2009, pp 226, Rs 275
Dealing with the significant issues associated with the life of the Prophet, including jihad, itjihaad, the concept of war and the relationship with other communities, this book presents an authentic picture of the life and teachings of the Prophet Muhammad and is a must for those who wish to understand Islam and its place in the world today.
An eye for an eye
Bandula Chandraratna
Penguin, 2009, pp 181, Rs 250
Set in an unnamed desert kingdom in the present Middle East, this novel is a measured yet passionate depiction of a society torn between Islamic fundamentalism and western libertarianism. With classic simplicity, the author reignites a timeless tale of innocence and evil against a savage landscape.

Nothing Can Be As Crazy
Ajay Mohan Jain
Rupa & Co, 2009, pp 244, Rs 95
The story of a typical service-class Indian, Suresh, who works in a bank. Being a second-generation migration city migrant, he has not yet acquired the urban garb completely. The novel, set in Hyderabad, UP and Kolkata, gives a graphic description of the urban middle-class.

A Romance With Chaos
Nishant Kaushik
Rupa, 2009, pp 291, Rs 95
Meet Nakul Kapoor, a 20-something corporate executive who gives you an account of how he struggles through work, a stupid boss, a brand-conscious girlfriend and an extra pious roommate who thinks that lusting after material comforts are trivialties that one needs to rise above.