Telangana decision taken keeping in mind turmoil there: Cong

Telangana decision taken keeping in mind turmoil there: Cong

The AICC also attacked Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mayawati over her demand for carving out two separate states Harit Pradesh and Bundelkhand from UP saying she should have got a resolution passed for it from the state Assembly if she was serious on it.

"Chidamabaram's announcement was made at a time when there was turmoil in the Telgana region over the demand for a separate state and in wake of the the continuing fast unto death of TRS chief K Chandrsekhara Rao," Party spokesperson Shakeel Ahmad said adding, "there was a fear that some untoward incident may take place."

He was replying to a question on remarks of Rosaiah, who said he was astonished, surprised and anguished by Chidambaram's statement on initiating steps for creation of a new state.

"I feel that the government at that time did not anticipate that this type of reaction would erupt in coastal Andhra and Rayalseema over the announcement for Telangana's creation," he said when it was pointed out that government's announcement has virtually put Andhra Pradesh on the boil.

The Congress leader's remark came at a time when anti-Telangana protests are continuing in the coastal Andhra and Rayalseema regions of the state for last two days against the bifurcation move.

Ahmad said that Congress is "concerned" over the incidents in both the regions and keeping a close watch on the developments.

He at the same time maintained that the Centre sticks to its stand on the creation of Telangana but added, "the resolution will have to be passed by the state Assembly there. That will be the first step. The Centre will make any further move only after that."

To a question whether Hyderabad will remain with Andhra Pradesh if separate Telangana is carved out, Ahmad said, "There are different views about it and the government will have to take a decision as per consensus if separate Telangana is formed."

He also attacked the opposition for criticising Congress' handling of the situation saying, "The opposition is not talking responsibly" over the issue.

Asked about Mayawati's demand for creation of Harit Pradesh and Bundelkhand, the Congress leader said, "If she is really concerned about making Bundelkhand and Harit Pradesh separate states, she should have first got a resolution passed in the Assembly instead of writing to the Prime Minister on it. States are not created by writing letters."

"Mayawati thinks people in Bundelkhand would be elated with her statement and this would give her some political advantage in elections," he said asking, "if anybody is not capable of becoming Chief Minister of the entire UP, should its parts be separated?"