When utility meets creativity

When utility meets creativity

When utility meets creativity

The various departments of HKBK College of Engineering recently organised a day-long project exhibition of all the projects of the graduating batches.

These included over 100 projects from the electrical and electronics, computer science, information science, electronics and communication and mechanical engineering departments.

It proved to be a showcase of innovative ideas, talents and skills of the students, who focused on recent developments in technology.

The projects displayed included current sensing and protection in spacecraft power systems, brain wave controlled robot, solar powered water fuel generator, wireless power transmission for biomedical application and speed synchronisation of multiple motors in industries.

One of the most impressive exhibits was made by the eight-semester students of the EEE department whose project was ‘Monitoring of obstructive sleep apnea using intelligent CPAP machine’, where the CPAP is a device that will provide continuous and constant pressure throughout the night to keep the airway open.

This design incorporates pressure, temperature and humidity sensors to facilitate breathing for the patients. Some of these projects aimed to showcase how to overcome the chaos of common man while others were more product-oriented like security apps for mobile phones.

The students visited various companies and organisations in the City to find inspiration for their ideas and induced those ideas in their projects.