The summer sojourn

The summer sojourn

The summer sojourn

This summer, some college students are doing internships, a bit different from the usual ones, at different organisations and making a fruitful use of their vacation.

With an insight into the working of a full-time professional, they have much to talk about when it comes to  working, learning and the overall experience.

A BBM student of SJCC, Thrishala Jayachandra did her internship with a five-star hotel and aims to excel in the field of marketing.

“I was a marketing intern. It was a two-member team, so they made us do almost all the work they handled. So there was a lot of opportunity for growth. I learnt a lot about how social media marketing works and improved my communication and presentation skills,” she elaborated.

Internship helps in building network and gives a broader perspective about the career one wishes to pursue.

Working with the marketing, advertising, PR departments and the front desk of a reputed beauty salon, Thasmai Gowda says, “I have a lot of interaction with my clients. I chose this because it deals with management and administration, which I need when I start my own business. It gave me a partial understanding as to how things work at the basic level.”

One also learns outside the classroom and picks up new skills during internship.

Karunya Srinivasan, a communications and media student at Mount Carmel College, interned with a publishing house.

“This publishing house mainly works with text books for kids. I’ve done content creation, copy marking for type setting, illustration briefs, proofing, finding pictures for cover images and to support text. It has helped me tremendously. I’ve learnt to pay attention to detail and learnt a lot of new things,” she adds.

There are a plethora of internships available in different fields.

Design, research, social service, photography and post production provide abundant opportunities. Madhura Balasubramaniam from IISc is a research intern at Madras Institute of Development Studies.

She is working on a research project on the Buckingham Canal and settlements along the canal, gathering social histories.

As to how she got the internship, she said, “I was working on an independent project on the canal as a part of NSS requirements in college. I got to meet Dr Karen Coelho under whom I am working currently. I had approached her for help on the project and after further correspondence, she asked me to intern with her.”

Sanah Thakur spent this summer working with an NGO that is involved in the ecological and environment issues in the country.

“I created a Facebook page, designed brochures and invitations, wrote emails to other NGOs, worked with waste and organised a clean-up. Now I am adept at organizing meetings with important companies and people. I learnt how to go about on the sensitization of an issue.”

Soumya Bhasin, also from Mount Carmel College, who worked with a New York based online magazine, said, “I did a one-month long internship. As part of the process, I did video journals on the graffiti and the flea markets in Bangalore.

Dakshan Ramachandran worked for a popular soft drink company during the IPL matches.

“I did PR in the stadium through funny videos, talking to fans, handing out free tickets and coupons. I got the job by applying online.”

Internships are an also an added bonus to your bio-data. Apart from all the learning, you are exposed to a whole new reality that will help you chose the path you wish to walk on.