Mahajan, Fariha shine

Mahajan, Fariha shine

India dominate Lankans, win 11 gold and three silver

Mahajan, Fariha shine

The Lankan school team bagged five gold, 15 silver and 13 bronze.
Karnataka’s Kshipra Mahajan and Fariha Zaman were the biggest contributors to the Indian tally with three gold each.

Kshipra won the 50M freestyle (30.97S), 50M breaststroke (42.28) and 100M freestyle (01.10.00) titles on the day and Fariha, bagged yellow metal in the 50M backstoke (36.35S), 50M butterfly (31.15) and the 100M backstroke (01.14.34) events.
“It’s a great feeling to be a part of such an event. The Lankan swimmers are really friendly and extremely competitive,” said Kshipra. “I didn’t expect such a turn out. This is a very promising beginning.”

Sri Lankan captain Punhasa Senanayake, who won gold in the 100M freestyle with a time of 56.59 seconds, said: “We did well and hope to continue the good performance. The Indian swimmers are really good and we just hope to give them a good fight,” he said.

Results: Indo-Lanka meet: Boys: 50M freestyle: Arjun (Ind, 24.78S) 1; Punshasa Senenayake (SL, 25.81) 2; Razeen Maharjeen (SL, 26.22) 3. 50M backstroke: Pasindu Thamalsha (SL, 29.78S) 1; Siddarth HM (Ind, 32.00) 2; Rajitha Mihiran (SL, 37.81) 3. 50M breaststroke: Aditya (Ind, 31.69S) 1; WMPB Wanigasekera (SL, 33.91) 2; Razeen (SL, 36.03) 3. 50M butterfly: Chamaka Sinhabahu (SL, 28.31S) 1; Balaji (Ind, 29.53) 2; Siddharth (SL, 29.81) 3. 100M freestyle: Punhasa (SL, 56.59S) 1; Razeen (SL, 59.25) 2; Balaji MV (Ind, 01.00.03) 3. 100M backstroke: Pasindhu Thamasha (SL, 01.04.84) 1; Chamaka Sinhabahu (SL, 01.06.62) 2; Siddharth (Ind, 01.07.57) 3.     100M butterfly: Arjun JP (Ind, 01.00.40) 1; Chamaka Sinhabaho (SL, 01.04.59) 2; WMPB Wanigasekera (Sl, 01.05.34) 3.  200M individul medley: Aditya Roshan (Ind, 2.25.82) 1; Shaan Dias (SL, 2.29.10) 2; Punhasa Senanayake  (SL, 2.33.60). 4x50M medley relay: Sri Lanka ‘A’ (01.59.28) 1; India (02.02.41) 2; Sri Lanka ‘B’ (02.06.59) 3.     

Girls: 50M freestyle: Kshipra (Ind, 30.97S) 1; Nitathamnai (SL, 32.87) 2; Sindura (Ind, 33.56) 3. 50M backstoke: Fariha Zaman (India, 36.35S) 1; Muttu Kumar I (SL, 41.28) 2; Nihathamani (SL, 41.38) 3. 50M breaststroke: Kshipra (Ind, 42.28S) 1; Nihathamani (SL, 43.12) 2; NBK Sanathane (SL, 44.18) 3. 50M butterfly: Fariha Zaman (Ind, 31.15) 1; Sumandi Harischandra (SL, 31.44) 2; Miniruwani Samarakoon (SL, 43.53) 3.    

100M freestyle: Kshipra Mahajan (Ind, 01.10.00) 1; Christine (SL, 01.15.78) 2; Muttu Kumar I (SL, 01.17.37) 3.     100M backstroke: Fariha Zaman (Ind, 01.14.34) 1; Sindhura (SL, 01.25.97) 2; KGG Dilanjali (SL, 01.30.56) 3. 100M butterfly:  Pooja Alwa (Ind, 01.08.47) 1; Miniruwani Samarakoon (SL, 01.09.00) 2; KGG Dilanjali (SL, 01.34.37) 3.     200M individual medley: Pooja Alwa (Ind, 2.38.60) 1; Miniruwani Samarakoon (SL, 2.40.09) 2; Dilanjali (SL, 3.19.28). 4x50M medley relay: India (02.24.72) 1; Sri Lanka (02.28.97) 2. 4x50M freestyle relay: India (02.07.81) 1; Sri Lanka (02.15.69) 2.     
Triple meet (winners only): Boys: Group IV: 25M backstroke: Jitendra (JSS, 23.50S).     
25M breaststroke: Jitendra V (JSS, 25.35S). 50M freestyle: Vivek BR (PET, 32.59S). 50M backstroke: Madhav Sudharshan (Kensri, 42.46S).     
50breaststroke: Vrishab M Patil (NPS, 49.62S). 50M butterfly: Vivek BR (PET, 40.94S). 100M freestyle: Madhav Sudarshan (Kensri, 1.18.28). 100M individual medley: Dhanvanth S (Carmel, 01.35.38).
Girls: 25M freestyle: Sagarika P Gowda (Chinmaya, 19.09S). 25M backstroke: Sagarika P Gowda (Chinmaya, 24.40S). 25M breaststroke: Sagarika P Gowda (Chinmaya, 25.54S).

50M backstroke: Vishaka (BGHS, 43.43S). 50M breaststroke: Shriya R Bhat (SSVM, 50.00S). 50M butterfly: Bhavana Srikanth (SHS, 41.60S). 100M freestyle: Sheena Weber (Stone Hill, 1.28.47). 100M individual medley: Vishaka (Baldwin, 01.38.25)
Group V: Boys: 50M backstroke: N Srihari (DPS, North, 44.12S).     
50M freestyle: Srihari N (DPS, 36.72S). 50M butterfly Sri Hari N (DPS, 40.53S). 50M breaststroke: Nikhil Rao (SVM, 50.81S).

Girls: 50M backstroke: Tejaswita (Ryan, 45.57S).  50M butterfly: Tejaswitha (Ryan, 42.28S). 50M breaststroke: Vibha K Datta (JSS, 51.69S) .
Group IV, V, VI: Boys: 4x50 freestyle relay: PET (02.49.00). 4x50M medley relay: DPS, South ‘A’ (03.14.75).     
Girls: 4x50M medley relay: Baldwin (03.27.31).