'Farming, worship and rituals have undergone drastic change'

'Farming, worship and rituals have undergone drastic change'

Delivering a talk on ‘practice, worship abd rituals’ at a session on ‘The shifting culture’ on the third-day of Vishwa Tulu Sammelan, he said arecanut has brought in richness. However, several rituals have disappeared.

“Tulunadu had over 60 varieties of ‘Nalike kunitha’ and over 150 types of games. However, most of them have disappeared. Even in the practice, worship and rituals have also undergone drastic change. ‘Kola,’ ‘Nema,’ ‘Bhandi,’ ‘anka,’ ‘ayana’ are all related to agricultural activities in Tulunadu. The form of ‘Bhootharadane’ has undergone a change. Quoting a ‘bhootha’ performer, Dr Gowda said “in the present bhootharadane’ there is no daiva.”

“A time has come when we need to unite and preserve ‘religious theatre.’ The originality of the concept of Bhootharadane needs to be preserved for the future generation. What ever family system we follow, the need of the hour is a strong family system which can withhold the culture, tradition and pass it to the future generation.” To preserve the rituals, there is a need for refresher course, he opined.  
Delivering a talk on ‘shift in farming,’ Dr Shivarama Karantha First Grade College, Bellare Professor Dr Narendra Rai Derla said “thousands of acres agricultural land have been razed to the ground for creating a new ‘village’ of SEZ. Agricultural related activities were ‘multi cultured’ where people irrespective of the caste, creed, religion took part in it. However, now a time has come when the producing land have been sold for multinational companies. There was a time when Dakshina Kannada district had 200 varieties of paddy. Owing to the lack of pro farmer policies, farmers are in trouble.

He said: “Organic Mission of the state government aims at strengthening agriculture. However, for the mission to become success, farmers should undertake dairy farming. Unfortunately, milk production in the district is a costly affair owing to non availability of fodder for the cattle.”  He said “there is a need to start campaign for paddy, and stop migration of labourers from village to city. The Nethravathi river diversion must be stopped. Instead a 40 acres of paddy fields must be purchased and handed over to the SKDRDP. So that we will be able to eat rice from the same field in the next Tulu Sammelanm,” he wished.

Rani Abbakka Tulu Adhyayana Kendra President Prof Tukaraam Poojary in his talk on ‘shift in occupation’ said “with the entry of British, cottage industries were ruined. With the entry of MNCs, few of the culture, traditions which were remaining is on the verge of extinct.”

The introduction of education system also changed the occupation in the country, he opined.