Tagged by the laser!

Tagged by the laser!

Tagged by the laser!

While video games have always been a hit among people, a different kind of recreational activity has been finding many takers of late — laser tag!

The game originated in Canada and is played in groups. The players are given vests and guns and have to shoot the opponents with laser beams.

The ten-minute-long game requires each group to protect its home base while running around a maze to find people from the other group to shoot at.

 Not only does it appeal to youngsters, it is also a popular choice for many corporates during team outings.  The laser tag arenas are packed during the weekends.

Tejas Mangalore, an undergraduate student, loves the game. “I don’t think laser tag promotes violence,” she notes.

Nikhil, a student and laser tag enthusiast, says, “I was told about this game by a group of friends who had come to the City for a trek six months ago. So when my friends and I came here for a trip, we thought of trying it out. Though we had low expectations, we played it once and thought it was a nice game. This is one game that nobody can get tired of.” He adds, “We had an amazing experience. The best part about this game is that nobody gets hurt. I’ve played paintball but I injured myself doing that. But this game only involves the use of lasers. So no one gets hurt.”

Madhuri Navin, a second-year degree student, says, “It is a fun activity for a big group. Of course, it is a little rough on a college student’s pocket but I think it is worth saving up for.”

She adds, “I think it is way better than a video game as  you aren’t hooked to it for hours. Plus, it involves physical activity unlike a video game.”

Sujoy, the manager of a laser tag arena in Koramangala, says, “We do not advertise anywhere. The information about it is only available online. We take all precautions and since the game doesn’t involve any harmful radiation, there is no question of it being dangerous. Pregnant women and asthma and heart patients are advised against playing it.”

Hitesh, another student, also heard about the game from his friends.

“Since it was new, I wasn’t very sure if I wanted to play it. I thought it would be like any other video game. But my friends forced me to play it and I am very grateful to them. I enjoyed playing this game a lot and will recommend it to all youngsters.”

Aparna Bharathan, another undergraduate student says, “Laser tag is fun. It helps you to be calm and beat stress. It’s more fun with friends as it helps you bond and develop more leadership skills.”

Have you tried laser tag recently?

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