Jaywalking fine with cops

Jaywalking fine with cops

Jaywalking fine with cops

There is no shortcut to success. Yet, a bunch of people believe that there are shortcuts when it comes to crossing the road.

Unmindful of the oncoming traffic, pedestrians not only land themselves in a dangerous situation but also pose problems to motorists.

The officials with the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) think zebra crossings are haphazard and unplanned.

They see the proposed 100 skywalks as a solution to prevent random crossing. Although, there is provision to fine people for jaywalking, officials with the Bangalore traffic police thinks it’s too cumbersome to fine people for random crossing.

Metrolife interacted with BBMP officials, traffic police and others to understand why this sort of indisciplined crossing still persists.

BBMP Commissioner M Lakshminarayana feels markings for pedestrian crossings are unplanned and improper.

He thinks the Tender SURE roads are the only answer to get pedestrians to follow a disciplined path.

“There will be separate paths for pedestrians on Tender SURE roads and they won’t have to cross abruptly. The skywalks are an answer to stop people from crossing at just about any point and risking not only their lives but the lives of motorists as well.”

He thinks a scientific planning for pedestrian crossing will help in efficient enforcement.

Additional Commissioner of Police (traffic), B Dayananada, points out that there is provision to fine pedestrians for jaywalking but he confesses that it is too tiresome a process.

“Jaywalking is strictly followed on MG Road and Brigade Road but it is impossible to enforce a fine for jaywalking across the City. It is practically impossible to control people who are crossing randomly,” reasons Dayananda who feels that only skywalks hold the perfect solution to control and regulate jaywalking.

Dr Roshan R Jain, Senior Consultant- Psychiatry, Apollo Hospitals, believes that the town planners and traffic officials need psychiatric evaluation.

“Where is the zebra crossing? I’ve never seen a single, neatly painted crossing in the City. A motorist’s life is just as valuable as that of a pedestrian. Knocking down a pedestrian is a grave offence,” he points out.

He adds,“People cross randomly because they have not been disciplined to do things in a particular way. Most of what we follow is what we have learnt, acquired or what has been told to us.”

Motorists complain that pedestrians lack discipline when crossing the road. Praveen Nair, an IT professional, says that he often finds people crossing the road when talking on their mobile phone.

“People are not conscious about their surroundings and run across the road. When they suddenly see a car coming towards them, all that they can do is trust their reflexes but this could lead to miscalculation from the driver’s point of view,” states Praveen.

He reasons, “When I apply a sudden break, whenever I see people running across the road, the vehicle behind me is also forced to do that same. This is a little tricky.”      

Zeshan Rahaman, a businessman, has no qualms admitting that Bangaloreans are notorious jaywalkers.

“Even if there is a pedestrian crossing within 20 metres, people will still dart across the road. I am sure most drivers have come really close to knocking someone over or had to brake so hard resulting in rear-end collision,” Zeshan sums up.