Tame those unruly tresses with serum

Tame those unruly tresses with serum

Unmanageable tresses always give a tough time even after wash.

Therefore, in last few years the magic potion, ‘hair serum’, has really turned out to be a saviour for many of us.

But given the variety of serums available in the market, it is important to go for a good serum and take an expert’s help on how it should be used to get the best result.

A relevant query would be whether there should be a particular serum for a particular hair type or do all serums work for all hair types?

“A serum is a product that is different from a conditioner. It is usually oil-based and used to treat frizzy, dehydrated and tangled hair. A serum actually provides protein to the hair,” says Swati Gupta, hair expert with Wella Professionals.

But these days, a variety of serums are available in the market. So how to select a serum that is right for a particular hair type?

Agnes Chen, technical he­ad consultant professional division at Streax Pro says, “The­re are two types of hair serums available in the market – serum for intense dry hair, which is like a thick poti­on, whereas the lighter hair serums are for all types of ha­ir that can be used any time.”

Most importantly it is important to get an idea about a good hair serum. “I think it is important to take a look at the ingredients present in the serum and also the consistency. The ingredients used should be beneficial to the hair. A good example would be the System Professional Keratin Boost Essence. Its formula contains a high level of multiple active ingredients which are infused into the hair together with the luxurious oils to reconstruct and strengthen the keratin which gives a luxurious light feeling,” says Swati.

But Agnes advises on following a simple concept, “A good serum should control the frizziness and dryness of the hair. It should give good shine and lustre to the hair and should be less oily.”

“For fine hair it is better to use spray based serum as oil based serums might weigh the hair down. Otherwise most serums can be used on all hair types,” suggests Swati. Agnes, on the other hand, gives a thumbs up to serums which have walnut oil. 

However, for those of who hesitate to use serum on account of your oily scalp, Agnes says people with “oily scalp can easily use serum since serum is supposed to be applied on hair and not on the scalp. However, they should prefer lighter serum.”

“If the scalp is oily and the hair is fine then I would recommend they use a spray-based serum. But if the scalp is oily and the hair is voluminous then they can use any serum but apply it only on the ends of the hair without touching the scalp,” says the Wella hair expert. |

Since hair serum is not like oil, hair experts suggest that a only a few drops of serum should be evenly spread it on your hair.

“Ideally, a serum should be used on 70 per cent damp hair post-wash. It is advisable to divide the hair in three sections and apply it section wise to ensure even application. For very dry hair you can reapply the next day before the next wash.”