Concern expressed over drop in Tulu theatre artists

Concern expressed over drop in Tulu theatre artists

Concern expressed over drop in Tulu theatre artists

Delivering a talk on the status of Tulu theatre and cinema at a session on “Education, theatre and media” at the third-day of Vishwa Tulu Sammelana here on Saturday, he said the Tulu theatre and cinema have a lot to introspect regarding the path they have trodden in the past and the one to be followed in the future.

“Due to the emergence of a new generation of professional drama troupes, the number of new artistes entering Tulu theatre has considerably decreased. Instead of producing a play on their own during the village celebrations, people get satisfied in inviting these troupes by paying a certain amount and relieve of their responsibilities,” he said.

Referring to these introducers of new age comedies, Boluvar said: “I call them good actors, but not good dramatists.”
He said though they are producing comedies after comedies which are available in the form of audio or video CDs in the market, none of them have come in the form of books.

Focusing on Tulu cinema, he said though 38 Tulu movies have been produced so far, none of them have proved box office hit. “We have not utilised the multiplicity of Tulu language. There are tens of varieties of Tulu languages, but our people in theatre and cinema have considered only that language spoken in Mangalore City Corporation limits as an “approved model”, Boluvar regretted.

Medium of instruction
Mangalore University Kannada professor K Abhaykumar said Tulu should become the medium of instruction but not just an optional subject in schools.
“Tulu Chairs should be established in foreign universities too which will certainly help taking Tulu glory worldwide,” he observed.

In his talk on media, journalist Eshwar Daitota said time is ripe to tap modern concept of community radio to develop Tulu in the modern times.
Launching community radios in Tulu would help face multiple challenges and ensure a place for the language in the modern media. It would not be impossible to launch a minimum six community radios in Tulu, he said.

Though about twenty five  newspapers have come in Tulu language so far, only three of them could survive. Though there are successful entrepreneurs and business giants from Tulu background, they have not yet ventured to invest in the multi-crore media sector,” he noted.