Health services plagued by jurisdiction

Health services plagued by jurisdiction

The Health Department is still the ruling authority in former City Municipal Corporation (CMC) areas where people have “limited” or no access to BBMP hospitals.

The Primary Health (PHC) Centres and government hospitals in Mahadevpura, Rajarajeshwari Nagar, Bommanahalli, Dasarahalli and Yelahanaka are run by the Health Department, while health officials in the 110 villages (added to the BBMP) still report to the Zilla Panchayat.

The BBMP has stated that there is definitely a problem in coordination with the Health Department and the Zilla Panchayat (for former rural areas) for providing services to people in those areas. “There is still an ongoing problem of jurisdiction over these areas in the matter of health. While the Health Department is insisting that we take charge of the matter we are in no position currently to handle such a vast area,” said a Palike official.

The BBMP officials state that while a medical officer has been stationed in the new BBMP areas, important services like that of doctors and medical supplies still need the approval of the rural DC for former gram panchayats and the Health Department for the old CMC areas.

On the other hand, the Health Department says that the Palike has provided only limited access to their services. “The coordination problems have come up only where there are higher expectations from people after the transfer to BBMP jurisdiction. The services continue to be normal where there are no such expectations,” commented a Health Department official.  Overall, the services are running normally for people in areas under their jurisdiction, officials said.