Survey of private land to be taken up on priority

Survey of private land to be taken up on priority

About 1.5 lakh applications seeking survey pending for over four years

Survey of private land to be taken up on priority

Faced with an immense task of disposing of a large number of pending applications seeking survey of private lands, the State Revenue department has decided to defer taking up the proposed re-survey of all lands in the State, excluding those falling in the limits of urban local bodies, for six months.

As many as 1.5 lakh applications have piled up in the Department of Survey Settlement and Land Records in the last four years. Many of these applications are from landowners in the periphery of cities and towns, including Bangalore, where land prices are high due to the growing demand for real estate development. 

“Our priority is to dispose of these long-pending applications. The work in this regard will begin soon,” Commissioner of Survey Settlement and Land Records V Ponnuraj said.

The applicants, mostly farmers, have sought the survey of their lands for multiple reasons. It may be for division of properties among siblings or settlement of disputes, or for availing themselves of government benefits such as interest-free farm loan, seeking tatkal podi and fixing boundaries of a plot. Survey of property for these purposes is a must.

Moreover, large extent of land in and around major cities will be available for real estate development if the pending applications seeking survey are cleared, he said.

The government had decided to take up a project to re-survey all kinds of lands, including forest land, allot new survey numbers and issue new Record of Rights, Tenancy and Crops Inspection document to the owners on priority. The project is planned to be taken up under the Centre’s National Land Records Modernisation programme. It is estimated to cost about Rs 600 crore and is expected to take about two years for completion.

The department has almost completed the pilot of the project in about 14 districts (two villages in a district), and it was set to call tenders for its Statewide launch. As many as 1,600 newly recruited surveyors will complete their training this month and will be available for the survey work from next month. The department had planned to make use of their service for the re-survey project.

But Ponnuraj said the department had now decided to take up the task of clearing pending applications on priority. 

“The department has bought new equipment called ‘elevation total station instrument’, which does survey work four times faster than the traditional survey instrument. We are confident of disposing of all the applications in six months’ time with the help of the newly appointed surveyors,” he said.