Chilled delights on a hot summer day

Chilled delights on a hot summer day

Arabian aromas

Chilled delights on a hot summer day

The residents of HSR Layout have a reason to smile. The area, known for its bustling markets and street food, is now home to a new juice centre called ‘Snow n Fire’ which is part of a bigger restaurant called ‘Grill n Hog’.

The residents, who usually spend their evenings at the numerous eateries, hole-in-the-wall shops and junk food stalls in this area, now have something new to look forward to. 

Spoilt for choice, the eatery’s customers are from various walks of life. It offers a variety of delicious beverages — from fresh fruit juices to faloodas to milkshakes and mocktails. The Arabian pulpy grape and Arabian night (date milkshake) are what the customers die for. 

Dry fruit milkshakes, in various flavours such as cashewnut, badam, pista, fig, kismis and apricot, are also what they savour. The mocktails, such as the date-flavoured mocktail, blue lagoon, mango delight, pina colada and apricot lime, are equally tasty. 

The busiest time of the day here is late afternoons and evenings, from about 6.30 pm to 11 pm. At this time, the juice shop becomes a hangout for college students who come in for 

Arabian treats, a corner for professionals to meet and a hotspot for families who step in for a quick drink after dinner. 

The exquisite glasses used for milkshakes and mocktails are another striking feature of ‘Snow n Fire.’ “We use coloured syrups, ice creams and fresh fruits as our common ingredients. Simple as they may be, they always turn out to be something tasty and that is exactly what we are looking for,” says Mukund Reddy, general manager of the joint. 

Biswajeet, the salesman, says that though he started working there just two weeks ago, the last few days have been the busiest for him as people come in to beat the scorching heat. “There is nothing like a glass of cold Arabian night milkshake in summer,” he says. 

Having been in the field of hotel management for about ten years now, Mukund adds that the unique selling point of the restaurant is that it serves Arabian cuisine. “Though there are many juice centres in HSR, we have gone a step ahead by presenting Arabian flavours. Our restaurant also caters to authentic Arabian and Kerala cuisines,” he says.

 ‘Grill n Hog’ was earlier set up on Bannerghatta Road and in BTM Layout. However, after a thorough research, Mukund decided to bring it to HSR Layout as there is a dearth of places selling Arabian food in the area. Besides, the cuisine is healthy. “We don’t use that much oil and prepare our dishes using charcoal,” he says. 

So if you want to beat the heat with a chilled delight, ‘Snow n Fire’ is a must-visit this summer. 

The joint is located at #64 and #65, 27th Main Road, Sector 1, Husna Sahar Arcade, HSR Layout.