It's time to wrap in fashion

It's time to wrap in fashion

It's time to wrap in fashion

Whatever be the season, scarves, stoles and shrugs never go out of fashion. Siddharth Saigal traces their humble beginnings and explains how they have evolved into the wardrobe basics that they are today

There’s no telling, really, when the mercury levels may just drop and the sweltering summer will make way for the monsoon.

While you stock up on the umbrella, waterproof handbags, appropriate footwear and the works, do spare a thought for some fashionable fabrics that’ll stand you in good stead during such unceremonious changes.

You may continue to wear the summer collection of shorts, dresses and the like, if you want to. All you need to do is simply add on a few cloth accessories to beat the chill. Scarves, stoles and shrugs are the order of the day and you would do good to stock your wardrobe with a few of these.

First, it’s important to know what each of these wonder fabrics are; understand their basic function; and then, flaunt them in style. Scarves and stoles work well for men as well as women. Shrugs are best reserved for women.

When the weather goes sunny, these accessories will protect your skin and when the sun hides behind clouds, these sensuous pieces of cloth will keep you warm. Pick them in myriad fabrics, eye-catching colours and trendy prints. Give your wardrobe a fashionable edge.

Scarves: Basic style

The story of scarves dates back to the ancient European society. The ladies there used scarves to protect their hair, but centuries from then, the scarf is every fashionista’s must-have wardrobe basic!

It is now available in a variety of materials, patterns, colours and styles. The square scarf, infinity cut, the rectangle style and the bandana scarf are some of the more popular kinds of scarves available in the market.

There are several different ways you can tie a scarf: the simple slip-knot, layered knot, the bow tie, the sleek belt and more. Scarves need not be worn on the body. Tie a scarf on one of the handles of your handbag to spruce it up. 

Stoles: Fancy take

It is said that stoles actually had a religious start, as robes worn by priests. With the advent of the fashion industry, scarves got fancier and gave way to stoles. Stoles are nothing but scarves of expensive or fancy fabrics like silk, chiffon or even fur.

Stoles can be draped, doubled, folded and knotted in various forms and patterns that feature a seasonal style of their own. As stoles are rather delicate, it is always advisable to go for premium quality ones, as they last long and look great.

Shrugs: Chic cover

The discovery of shrugs came as an alternative idea for jackets and cardigans. It is an open-front jacket with sleeves designed for a perfect fit. They are sometimes customised into designer jackets. Shrugs are comfortable and suitable for all seasons. With shrugs, you can keep it simple or funky, whichever you please.

Be it an evening dress or a casual jeans, shrugs can be worn on just about anything. And they offer a perfect way to take the attention away from the problem areas (read hips, tummy), if any. What’s more, they never make you look out of place.