Hyderabad will be Telangana capital: KCR

Hyderabad will be Telangana capital: KCR

Rao told NDTV news channel that people from Andhra Pradesh were welcome to live in the city after the creation of Telangana.

He rejected making Hyderabad a joint capital, like Chandigarh.
“When people from other parts of India can comfortably live in Hyderabad, then why not people from Andhra?” Rao asked.

“Hyderabad is such a place ... such a good society. It allows everybody, absorbs everybody,” said Rao, whose fast-unto-death forced the Centre to announce it was ready to move to form a Telangana state.

“In Hyderabad, not just Andhras, but Maharashtrians, Kannadigas and Kayasths from north India live.” He, however, left it to the Centre to resolve the Telangana issue.
“Having made the announcement, it is upto them (the Centre) to resolve the issue. I think, they are at it”, Rao said.

He accused the Andhra Pradesh people of “exploiting” the employment opportunities of Telangana region. “Ultimately our people were pushed to go to the Gulf countries. The agony of Telangana is that 35,000 Telanganas are in jails in Gulf countries,” Rao said.

No return
When asked specifically whether he would go back on the Telangana issue in view of the evolving situation in the rest of Andhra Pradesh, he said, “The question does not arise. An arrow once leaves the bow cannot be brought back”.
Profusely praising Congress President Sonia Gandhi, he said that the whole burden of the people of Telangana was now on her shoulders and “I am thankful to her...because of her initiative and grace, today the dream has come true”.
Claiming that Gandhi loved him like her son, Rao said I have a “lot of faith” in her and “fairly good person” Manmohan Singh, who is at the helm of affairs.

“It is better for the leaders of Andhra Pradesh to concede to the request of Sonia Gandhi”, he said dubbing the anti-Telangana agitation as an “artificial” one, “prompted, funded and with wrong motives by vested interests”.
These elements have investments in Hyderabad including in benami lands, he alleged but added wise leaders of both sides will find a solution.

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